The Two Most Common Post-Christmas Injuries  & How to Prevent Them.

Ryan Tiernan Ryan Tiernan 16 January, 2020

Every year, after the Christmas holidays, we see a spike in a range of different conditions. In many cases they can be attributed to one thing – rest.  My colleague, Russell Dalton, has previously discussed the important role of loading to keep the[…]

Alcohol Awareness - Dry July

Russell Dalton 20 June, 2019

Alcohol Consumption

A Q&A with Professor Ian Harris

admin 17 May, 2016

Employ Health took the opportunity recently to speak with Professor Ian Harris, about his thoughts and views on surgery and how it impacts our industry and long term outcomes of patients.

Reduce musculoskeletal claims through onsite physio

Ryan Tiernan Ryan Tiernan 5 January, 2016

Would your business like to reduce musculoskeletal claims and injuries?  A&L Windows and Doors did it in just 18 months.  Here's how: