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Regain 2020 and get involved

Sky Daly-Holt 31 August, 2020

No doubt you’ve seen the meme: ‘Until further notice the days of the week are now called Thisday, Thatday, Otherday, Someday, Yesterday, Today and Nextday!’ 

Identified - the workers likely to be reinjured

Trent Seth 26 August, 2020

Typically, people who get injured have a greater chance of reinjury without correct rehabilitative intervention. A study in New Zealand looked at predictors of subsequent injury at work to see if any light could be shed on those more likely to[…]

Save Millions with Pre-Employment Screening Return on Investment

Sky Daly-Holt 24 August, 2020

In difficult economic times during the COVID-era, it may first seem counterintuitive to spend more when recruiting new employees. Let me persuade you otherwise. Although it might sound like a Country Road advertisement, when it comes to[…]

Mental Health during COVID-19

Hamish Stuart 19 August, 2020

Given that we are entering the sixth month of this pandemic in Australia, I believe it is important we continue to practise what we preach. I am guilty of putting my mental health last when times get busy and tough. What is reassuring, but scary[…]

A Yarra Valley Winery’s Isolation Transformation

Jarryd Croxford 17 August, 2020

 What a crazy year it’s been so far! We went into lockdown, made it out of lockdown, and unfortunately for us Victorians, we’re now back in lockdown. With many of us having an experience of isolation in recent months, we are quite aware of the[…]

Tendinopathy – Corticosteroid injections hinder rehabilitation process?

Sky Daly-Holt 12 August, 2020

BackgroundTendinopathy is the term given to sick tendons - the structures which connect muscle to bone. Tendinopathy can occur in all regions of the body, including the achilles, knee, groin, shoulder, and elbow. Tendinopathies are painful, often[…]

Mismanagement of Workers’ Compensation in New South Wales

Andrew Lao 10 August, 2020

“(I had to) fight for treatment”

Why work shouldn’t be a 'pain in the neck'

Andrew Lao 7 August, 2020

You’re sitting at the desk in the office, working at that project you put off for so long. As you hit your stride with that perfect idea, ‘it’ hits you. Neck pain, for no real reason. “Non-specific neck pain”, the kind that has no real medical[…]

Trying to sleep through COVID? How to get a better night’s sleep

Sky Daly-Holt 3 August, 2020

We all know how important it is to be active and eat well. Have you ever thought sleep is equally important to your health? Many experts now believe sleep is the crucial third pillar to optimal wellbeing. This week marks Sleep Awareness Week.[…]