Movember 2021

Ryan Tiernan Ryan Tiernan 3 November, 2021

Get ready! November is the month each year where blokes around the globe grow, or attempt to grow, a mo’. Movember started back in Melbourne, in 2003, in Fitzroy - even before it was the land of hipsters. Inspired by women’s fundraising efforts for breast cancer, what started out with thirty mates, has become a global movement. Now, over 5 million mo’s have been grown across the globe! That’s probably one in every language, age and hair colour. 

You may already do a lot of good things for your health, but Movember prompts us to consider the aspects of men’s health that are often harder to talk about. Namely, nuts and mental health. Find out what you can do this month to keep you and your mates around so you can tease each other about hair growth for many years to come! 

This November, check yourself physically to catch early signs of prostate or testicular cancer by doing these three simple things:
- Know thy nuts! Get to know your nuts by checking them regularly
- Figure out what’s normal for you, so you know what isn’t
- See your GP for regular check ups. This is especially important if you feel something unusual, and after you turn 45. Better to be safe (and a tiny bit embarrassed), than sorry!

Let’s peek under the ‘stache and bring out into the open the topic that’s hardest to talk about - mental health. Research shows most of us are more than happy to help out a mate, but fewer of us are likely to ask for help when we need it. 

Commit to doing these things this month:
- Repeat three times a day: “Real men ask for help when they need it.”
- Grow a(nother) set and talk to your mates honestly if you’re struggling
- Suspect a mate is struggling? Man up and ask what's going on

The Movember website has some great tools to help blokes have a crack at a conversation about that dreaded word: feelings. Check out the link here.

Not sure where to get more info? Get familiar with the organisations out there that can help. They might not be able to help you grow a full, bushy mo’, but they can help with loads of other things.

  1. MensLine Australia
    - 24/7 support hotline: 1300 78 99 78
    - Specifically for men to help those dealing with family or relationship troubles

  2. Lifeline
    - 24/7 support hotline: 13 11 14
    - Crisis counselling service that can put you in touch with local support services
  3. Beyond Blue
    - Information and support to help everyone achieve optimal mental wellbeing

There are three other ways you can support the charitable efforts of Movember:
- Grow a Mo
- Move for Movember (60k run/walk)
- Host a Mo-ment (host or participate in a fundraising event)

Consider starting a workplace team to grow a mo, moving for movember, or holding a fundraising event at work.