Employ Health and Varidesk - Exclusive Partnership

Ryan Tiernan Ryan Tiernan 18 February, 2016

Employ Health are excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Varidesk.  We believe sit/stand workstations are the future, so we are proud to partner with a company that shares our vision.  Varidesk are the market leaders in design in design, quality and innovation so it made sense for us to choose them as a strategic partner.

Employ Health are about solving problems. We view stand up desks as an important piece of the puzzle in combating and implementing practical solutions to counteract the effects of sedentary work.

According to Employ Health Director, Matthew Stewart, this partnership allows us to provide the total stand up desk solution.  "Our partners were screaming out for a complete solution. With their feedback we identified and formed a strategic partnership with Varidesk that allows us to provide the best stand up desks in the market, with innovative risk management services to help solve the dilemma of modern day sedentary work.”

This partnership allows us to provide some great benefits for our partners when they order their Varidesk through us. This can include (depending on the order size):

  • Education materials on the health benefits of sit/stand workstations
  • Group presentations to deliver ergonomic advice and use guidelines
  • Individual ergonomic workstation screening
  • Active office programs

If you are considering transitioning your office to sit/stand workstations, be sure to talk to us about how you can utilise our experience and knowledge to implement your workstations safely, and get the best return on your equipment investment.

To chat to an Employ Health Physiotherapist about how our Varidesk partnership can benefit your business CLICK HERE.

For more information on Employ Health's ACTIVE OFFICE programs CLICK HERE.