Game Changers: The 'Active Office'

Ryan Tiernan Ryan Tiernan 28 April, 2016

One of Employ Health’s values is to be ‘Game Changers’, and in regards to sitting at work the game is definitely changing.

The negative health impacts of prolonged sitting are now well documented.  What is scarcer is businesses who are heading the advice and making the shift to an ‘Active Office.’

We are delighted to work with one business that is prepared to lead the pack:  window and door Manufacturer A&L Windows.

They have just invested in Varidesk sit/stand workstations for their office staff.  This is just one of the many interventions they have implemented in improve the health and productivity of their workforce.

The process of implementing the desks has been carefully considered and undertaken in a way to ensure two things.  Firstly, being a large investment it is important that the workstations are actually used.  Secondly, as with any new equipment you must also ensure the new equipment does not pose any new risk to the employee.

We know from research that workers are more likely to use a sit/stand workstation effectively when provided with the right education and also less likely to experience pain and soreness from the transition to sit/stand work when provided with guidelines and ergonomic set up advice from a physiotherapist.  So an implementation plan plan was rolled out which included group education session as well as individual workstation ergonomic screening.

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Varidesk, we were able to provide these vital services to A&L Windows at no cost.

As well as sit/stand desks, workers at A&L do compulsory dynamic stretch sessions twice daily, have access to free onsite physiotherapy services as well as a free yoga.

Most recently we have just undertaken “Fit for Life” health assessments that provide workers with a snapshot of their health and also provide the necessary data to find the next key risk factors to target to improve the health of the business.

What sets A&L apart is their willingness to be at the forefront.  There is no end date to a "health & wellness program", there is just the fundamental commitment to value the most important asset in their business – their workers.  And they are reaping the rewards of this commitment.

To learn more or to transform your workplace into an 'Active Office' CLICK HERE.