Fostering self-belief in your workforce

Jordan Shyu - Physiotherapist 18 June, 2020


Creating a self belief mindset

As alluded to previously in the blog ‘Believing you can do something”, self belief is critical to success in any race. It helps you overcome those pre-race anxiety and jitters that we all know too well. The feeling of tossing and turning in the bed the night before the big event with those demons rearing their ugly heads is something that we have all experienced. Following your training program is a great way to build the physical stamina and physiological changes required to perform on race day. The one thing that it can struggle to really prepare you for is the mental fortitude required. The big question lies in how do we overcome this pre-race anxiety and mentally fortify ourselves with belief? 

There are many causes for these pre-race demons. You may be questioning your ability to finish the race or be worried about crossing the line last. Other causes for the pre-race anxiety may be fearing not hitting your goal time or succeeding to the level that you believe you can. The following four tips can help you build self confidence and belief.

  1. Trusting in your Training
  2. Visualization
  3. Not comparing yourself to others
  4. Preparing with a race strategy


These techniques apply to more than running events, use them whenever you are preparing to take on a challenge or experiencing self doubt. 


Trusting in your Training

You have done the work, that is the hardest part of the process. If you have completed the training you have done everything in your power to set yourself up for success. A good training plan will fortify your body for the upcoming race so it will not be too big of a shock to the system come race day. 



It is now widely proven how effective good visualisation can be. Visualising the race morning, stepping up to the line and executing your race plan will make it easier to turn it into a reality. 


Not comparing yourself to others

Try to take your focus inward. Use mindfulness techniques to focus on small things such as your breathing, step rate and heart rate. Going through a pre-race routine can help calm your nerves and give yourself a sense of control at the start line. 


Preparing with a race strategy

Having a race strategy is vital to approaching the race on your terms. You know what you will be doing pre-race; having a standardised warm up routine, timing of food and fluids. You know how you want to run your race with predetermined times and paces you want to hit at certain points. 


Following these tips can help you cultivate your ability to believe in yourself and achieve your #DREAMBIG goal!  

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